Foreign Policy Forum

Cornell has long had exceptional faculty expertise on foreign policy, and many campus activities focus on foreign policy issues. Still, links with the world of foreign affairs and diplomacy outside academia could be much stronger.

Students regularly ask for more foreign policy programming, particularly since 9/11 brought home the need for better understanding the role the United States plays (or could play) as the world's richest country and the last remaining military superpower. Meanwhile, many new issues are emerging, from the need to respond to global climate change to the challenges posed by terrorism.

The Einaudi Center’s Foreign Policy Forum emerged from the understanding that Cornell can contribute much to these important debates. Its goal is to maximize the intellectual impact of Cornell’s existing resources in international public affairs.

The forum:

  • Distributes information on Cornell faculty expertise and their on-going and proposed activates, both to students and the broader community by forming a Foreign Policy Network,
  • Builds collaborative relationships across disciplines, departments, and colleges,
  • Provides support for on-going and new activities in the area of foreign policy studies,
  • Brings external expertise to campus through the Distinguished Speaker Series and Lund Critical Debates Series,
  • Awards postdoctoral fellowships in the field of foreign policy, security studies, and diplomatic history,
  • Mobilizes additional funding for foreign policy activities and informs faculty about funding opportunities, and
  • Organizes alumni roundtable discussions at the Ithaca campus, giving alumni an opportunity to interact with faculty on important topics.

For updates on Einaudi Center events please visit the events page