Isaacs, Robert : Small Grant, 2014-2015


Robert Isaacs (Music Department) 

Department of Music
Project Title: 
Mesoamerica Tour—Cornell University Chorus and Glee Club
Project Abstract: 
This project is in support of a musical and scholarly visit to Mexico and Guatemala, from January 5-25 of 2016, involving approximately 95 students enrolled in Music 3602 (Chorus) and Music 3603 (Glee Club). The organizations will be performing Cantares, a major new work commissioned by the choirs from renowned composer (and Cornell professor) Roberto Sierra, with the Xalapa Symphony Orchestra, one of Central America’s finest professional ensembles, directed by Lanfranco Marcelletti. With that event as a linchpin, the Cornell choirs will also present several independent performances and take part in regional artistic festivals, allowing our students to share Cornell’s excellence in performance while simultaneously gaining exposure to the musical traditions, performers, and cultures of the area.