Fiskesjo, Magnus : Small Grant, 2013-2014


Magnus Fiskesjo (Department of Anthropology)

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Anthropology
Project Title: 
Burma/Myanmar Research Forum: Critical Scholarship and the Politics of Transition
Project Abstract: 
Cornell is one of the institutions in the U.S. at the forefront of a revitalization of Burma/Myanmar Studies in the context of unprecedented shifts in the country’s political and economic governance. In-flows of development aid and foreign investment have increased dramatically in recent years; government ministries and the state apparatus are more open and inviting to scholarly input and technical expertise; and undoubtedly, pressing needs remain in the areas of humanitarian response, peace and reconciliation, social and economic inequality, and the establishment of a just and inclusive political system. To explore the new opportunities and challenges arising at this time of change, this conference will bring together senior scholars, junior faculty, and graduate students at all stages. Through a plenary session with invited faculty and a series of smaller workshops with faculty and graduate students, the conference seeks to create an opportunity for new and emerging scholars and graduate students to interface with experienced leaders in the field of Burma Studies. The conference will also feature “From the Jetty,” an evening of curated screenings of Burma/Myanmar’s independent films, as well as a video installation/live performance “Performing Modernity” at the Johnson Museum of Art, a collaboration between Cornell filmmakers and seven women performance artists from Burma/Myanmar.