Flores-Macias, Gustavo : Seed Grant, 2014-2015


Gustavo Flores-Macias (Government)

College of Arts and Sciences
Project Title: 
The Political Economy of Taxation in Latin America
Project Abstract: 
In spite of its importance, the study of the politics of taxation has remained underdeveloped in the context of Latin America. Most of the research on taxation has been approached from a technical perspective, but the political factors have taken a back seat in the analysis. The workshop on “The Political Economy of Taxation in Latin America” will address this gap. The first goal is to advance knowledge on the politics of taxation in Latin America. This goal will be achieved by bringing together some of the leading scholars of the political economy of Latin America to present and discuss cutting edge research on the topic. Participants will come from a diversity of backgrounds including political science, fiscal sociology, public policy, and economics. The second goal is to set a research agenda and eventually generate a book based on the knowledge generated at the workshop, which should be useful for scholars, policymakers, and students.