Eloundou-Enyegue, Parfait : Small Grant, 2014-2015


Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue (Development Sociology)

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Project Title: 
Africa Counts: Using the CISER Model to Boost Social Science Data Capacity in Francophone Africa
Project Abstract: 
Quantitative social science has now entered an era of data abundance, owing to cumulative innovations in research, metadata, and computer technology. The Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER), with a robust environment for data curation, dissemination, and analysis, exemplifies this trend. This data support infrastructure makes it possible for social scientists at Cornell to easily store, retrieve, share, and analyze large datasets in ways that enhance the timeliness, scope and rigor of their empirical work. Ultimately, this access boosts social science’s ability to study a range of pressing social questions. On a global scale however, this access remains highly uneven. Technological advances have widened the gulf in research productivity between North and South. In the past, CISER supported travel and visits for African researchers to CISER to understand the type of services, technologies, and technical options that CISER offers to researchers at Cornell, as well as to envision potential collaborations. This project will bring CISER Director Dr. William C. Block and CISER Research Associate Dr. Florio Arguillas to a planned January 2015 weeklong demographic training and policy communication workshop in Yaoundé, Cameroon.