SASAKAWA PEACE FOUNDATION (SPF): Market and Disparities Issues

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - 00:00
Social Sciences

East Asia has thus far managed to achieve economic growth by riding the wave of globalization, but the region is facing increasingly severe problems from the negative aspects of globalization namely, the disparities that have been identified in a range of contexts, including growing inequality among nations and regions, and the exclusion of vulnerable members of society. In an effort to provide creative ways to rectify disparities without relying on traditional means of assistance or the public-welfare structure, SPF promotes the creation of problem-solving business models and support systems for social entrepreneurs who can put the models into action, as well as the establishment of mechanisms to increase regional competitiveness. To promote stable economic growth, SPF also supports efforts to study and analyze problems in existing international financial and trade systems, especially from the standpoint of developing nations, and make recommendations for improvements.