KOREA FOUNDATION: Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 00:00
Humanities & Arts
Social Sciences

This fellowship is awarded to international scholars with a recent PhD on a Korea-related topic to financially assist them in their further research. 

  •  Postdoctoral fellows receiving research stipends under this program must conduct research at a major overseas university offering a Korean Studies program and having a Korean Studies faculty team and library collection (excluding the university from which the fellow obtained his/her PhD degree).

  • Postdoctoral fellows’ affiliated institutionsare responsible for providing them with office space, library access, and the necessary practical and administrative assistance to facilitate their academic exchanges with the faculty team and their research activities.

There is an application deadline by region, for North America is January 31, Europe is April 30, Oceania is October15, Asia/Russia is January 31.