A global dimension for teacher education

Global Learning Education faculty fellows

Several regional faculty are participating as fellows in the program: Orvil White and Lin Lin from SUNY Cortland; Zenon Wasyliw and Cathrene Connery from Ithaca College; Jeffery Mangram and Luis Columna from Syracuse University; and Bryan Duff and Annalisa Raymer from Cornell University. Each fellow received a $500 award for development and a $500 award for implementation.

The program will span two to three years, with an opportunity for fellows to present work at an internationalization conference in fall 2017. The participants are tasked with developing and implementing projects and must engage with one or more specific world areas—including Southeast Asia, South Asia, East Asia, and Latin America—in collaboration with the participating area studies programs of the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies at Cornell.

The program’s first workshop at Cornell in April 2015 was designed to create collaborative working group and introduce the participating faculty to the area studies programs. Participants spent the day brainstorming innovative ways to internationalize their curricula using a pedagogically and personally meaningful framework.

The experience surpassed the expectations of many of the fellows. Post-workshop anonymous feedback included: “This was a great experience. Really enjoyed the workshop and coming up with learning objectives! It was surprising to know how we all have different backgrounds, but we all have similar experiences.” Another participant commented on being pleased with “the amount of energy and enthusiasm from both parties to make this endeavor work.”

The fellows met again at Cornell in May for a day-long symposium on curriculum integration, organized by the Einaudi Center. Cornell community members and guest speakers related recent successes, case studies, and challenges in their efforts to integrate a global perspective into every aspect of campus life.

In a panel on strategies and models to integrate international experiences, Cornell faculty members described five upcoming projects, all supported by Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum grants; 25 grants were awarded this year to worldwide project proposals from eight Cornell colleges and schools.

The symposium also featured a student panel on global learning experiences and outcomes, a faculty panel with case studies from recent international programs, a panel on institutional opportunities and challenges, and keynotes by visiting speakers Harvey Charles, vice provost of international initiatives at Northern Arizona University; Lynn Anderson, academic director at the Cultural and Educational Programs Abroad Foundation; and Hilary Landorf, director of global learning initiatives at Florida International University.