Fulbright-Hays Fellowship Recipients

Academic Year: 2014-2015
Last Name First Name Project Title Country
Amstutz Andrew Finding a Home for Urdu - The Urdu Language Movement in Twentieth Century South Asia India
Beazley Robert Gendered Mobility and Transient Livelihoods Along the Trans Himalayan Highway Nepal
Beban Alice Gender Dynamics of Land Reform in Cambodia Cambodia
Kardon Isaac Ruling the Waves and Waiving the Rules - China the United States and the Law of the Sea China
Minarchek Rebakah Creating Commodities in Halimun National Park Indonesia - Changing Market Access and the Impact on Food Security and Gender Relations Indonesia
Reeder Matthew From Tributaries to Ethnic States--Survivors of Empire and New Social Categories in Early Modern Thailand Thailand
Thomas Dexter The Japanese Hip-Hop Paradox - Affinity and Xenophobia and Black Alternative Modernity Japan
Academic Year: 2012-2013
Last Name First Name Project Title Country
Ahn Christopher The Kim Hui-Ro Trial: Law and National Belonging in Post-War Japan Japan
Bliss Jessica Utilization of Treatment Programs for Child Severe Acute Malnutrition in Niger Niger
McRoberts Keenan Nutrient Management in Small Holder Crop-Livestock Systems in Vietnam Vietnam
Vaughan Tyson Recovering Communitites: Participatory Recovery Planning From Kobe to Tohoku Japan
Academic Year: 2010-2011
Last Name First Name Project Title Country
Carrico Kevin An Ethnographic Study of China's Han Clothing Movement China
Cohen Danielle Mobilizing for Lont-Term Crisis: Policy-makers and Publics in China and Japan China
Corey Pamela Visuality and Urbanism in Contemporary Vietnam and Cambodia Vietnam
Academic Year: 2009-2010
Last Name First Name Project Title Country
Erie Matthew The Role of Public Interest Law in China's Rule of Law Movement China
Gilvin Amanda The Exhibition and Circulation of Nigerien Art: 1920-Present Niger
Schneider Mindi From Farm to Factory: Pigs, Development and Social Change in China China
Turnbull Lesley Re-constructing the Historical Imagination: Spatial Production and Ethno-history in Yunnan China
Academic Year: 2008-2009
Last Name First Name Project Title Country
Capps Krista The Ecological Impacts of and Invasive Catfish in Southern Mexico Mexico
Flaim Amanda Education and Social Change in the Highlands of Northern Thailand Thailand
Lim Samson Narratives of Violence, Technologies of Proof: Law and Society in Thailand from 1944-Present Thailand
Academic Year: 2007-2008
Last Name First Name Project Title Country
Dunn Rachel Integrated Water Management Model for the Viability of Northern Thai Hill Communities
Lammerts Dietrich Dhammasat Manuscripts, Written Law, and Buddhist Legal Culture in Myanmar (Burma), c. 1100-1600 C.E.
Shimabuku Annmaria Trans-Pacific Colonialism:
Tally Rebecca Development Discourse Reconsidered: Agriculture in Colombia, 1930-1966