Pompano, Laura: Travel Grant - 2016-2017

College of Human Ecology
Nutritional Sciences
Project Title: 
Defining the Functional and Metabolic Role of Iron in the Relationship Between Aerobic Training and Physical Performance
Project Abstract: 
I am requesting funding for airfare to and from my dissertation study site in Kunming, China. I conducted the majority of the study in 2015 in the lab of our collaborator, Dr. YuXu He at Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As part of our collaboration, Dr. He provided a location, research assistants, and some financial support. In exchange, I am expected to return to Kunming this summer to train her students in the research protocols. Additionally, Dr. He and I will analyze a portion of the data and prepare a joint publication. I have funding for living expenses; however, I am requesting funding for airfare, which would be difficult for me to purchase without the assistance of an Einaudi Travel Grant.