Patana, Anu Pauliina: Travel Grant - 2016-2017

College of Arts and Sciences
Project Title: 
Fear of immigrants, the EU or discontent with "politics as usual"? Local-level determinants of support for the far right in Europe.
Project Abstract: 
The rise of radical right-wing parties has caused turmoil in the European political landscape. At the subnational level, however, prevailing assumptions of the drivers of their success appear not to hold. By exploring local-level variation in support for these parties in Finland, this research project addresses a central, yet unexplored puzzle: why is electoral support for the far right often strongest in areas indifferent to, or unaffected by these parties’ core issues, such as immigration control or anti-EU rhetoric? How do these new radical parties manage to mobilize the electorate and activate new social and political grievances that cut across different socioeconomic classes in regions where they may not be particularly salient?