Lagodny, Julius: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

College of Arts and Sciences
Project Title: 
Right Religions? The Conditional Effects of Christian Denominations on Voting Behavior in Europe
Project Abstract: 
In the context of the ongoing global refugee crisis and increased skepticism towards the EU following the recent economic downturn, extra-systemic radical parties – and in particular right-wing parties - have performed increasingly well in elections around the globe and in Europe in particular. While these recent events may account for a significant proportion of the general increase in extreme-right voting, these events cannot explain different spatial patterns in the performance of these parties at the local and regional level. I hypothesize that one decisive factor is the different alignemnt of ideas and ideals rooted in the practices of different religions and denominations. For my project, I compare two most similar communities in Germany: one with a high, and one with a low right party election outcome. The former has a dominant Lutheran population, the latter a dominant Catholic population. Using archival work in their respective administrations and churches and qualitative interviews, I hope to gain a broader understanding of the underlying explanatory factors.