Konya, Nazli: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

College of Arts and Sciences
Project Title: 
The Power in Acts of Resistance
Project Abstract: 
I aim to offer an alternative theory of resistance following the insights that I derive from my fieldwork in Turkey. The contemporary political thought suggests two symmetrical territories for conceptualizing resistance: “The constituent power approach” and its mirroring critique, “the destituent power approach.” The former interprets resistance as a constituent force that establishes a new legal/political order. The latter, on the other hand, constructs an understanding of resistance upon inoperativity and a post-sovereign politics. Neither of these models is capable of conceptualizing resistance in its own terms. Instead, both offer noteworthy ways to think radical politics if they are kept in tandem with the social turmoil. The extraordinary multiplicity and virulence of antagonistic cleavages make Turkey a promising field for assessing how theories and practices of resistance relate to one another and for offering an answer to the following question: Against the backdrop of an interactive relation between theory and politics, how can we conceptualize resistance today?