Hyman, Louis: 2012-2013 Small Grant


Louis Hyman (School of Industrial and Labor Relations)

Project Title: 
Economic Methods for Historians
Project Abstract: 
This two-week workshop will cover economic methods for historians. Junior faculty and graduate students from across the country will participate in two weeks of intense lectures and labs in core technical areas. Participants would receive instruction from statisticians, economists, and accountants on the basics of their fields, giving them the capacity and vocabulary to further develop their interests in economic techniques. By the end of the two weeks, participants would be able to run basic regressions, conduct statistical tests, understand basic micro- and macroeconomic theory, and evaluate financial statements. Training graduate students and junior faculty in quantitative methods and economic theory would alter the kinds of questions that historians are able to ask, the ways in which they answer those questions, and potentially lead to more interdisciplinary conversations between economists and historians, as well as deepen the quality of historical research.