Goksel, Ayse Zeynep: Travel Grant - 2016-2017

College of Architecture, Art, and Planning
Project Title: 
Min Shoof (We Will See): The Construction of Public Space in Beirut
Project Abstract: 
Min Shoof is a multidisciplinary spatial investigation of the city of Beirut. The project takes a particular interest in public space, a term back à la mode in the wake of several synchronous protests across the world in recent years. What makes public space important? What do public spaces and practices say about collective rights to the city, about desires and prejudices? Min Shoof explores these questions through a series of photographs which will document spatial practices in the public urban landscape of Beirut —from designated public spaces such as parks, to informally experienced spaces such as streets and alleyways— towards unveiling processes and experiences through which the city and the ‘public’ is made and remade.