Emmanuel, Kaitlin: Travel Grant - 2016-2017

College of Arts and Sciences
South Asian Studies
Project Title: 
The 43 Group and Sri Lankan Modernism
Project Abstract: 
I am an MA student in South Asian studies and am applying for a travel grant to support my research in London and Sri Lanka during the summer of 2016. My research focuses on modern art from Sri Lanka, specifically on artists belonging to the 43 Group. The 43 Group was a professional collective of artists who came to define Sri Lanka modernism, but the history and significance of the group lacks research and writing. There is a great need for scholarship that investigates with primary sources and materials, as well as with meetings and interviews with the established writers and thinkers in the field. This proposal outlines a research project that will begin with 2 weeks of research in London, followed by 4 weeks in Sri Lanka.