Elliott, John : Small Grant, 2013-2014


John Elliott (Department of Design & Environmental Analysis)

College of Human Ecology
Department of Design & Environmental Analysis
Project Title: 
Havana: Ecological Policies, Green Concrete, Bamboo Structures, and a Quest for a Tree
Project Abstract: 
This project will support travel to Cuba in order to build collaboration with new partners and further research goals with four related themes: sustainable policy, Cuban Mahogany, bamboo construction, and lower impact concrete. The first part of this project will support faculty participation in LAEMOS (Latin American and European Meeting on Organization Studies) 2014 Conference: “Constructing Alternatives: How can we organize for alternative social, economic, and ecological balance?” In addition, to deepen understanding of the human/nature relationships in the built environment and explore the unique environmental story of Cuban Mahogony, this project will help establish connections with people involved with Cuban forestry through the Asociación Cubana de Técnicos Agrícolas y Forestales, and local arboreta, Havana’s Jardín Botánico Nacional. A visit with researchers from the Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de Estructuras y Materiales [Center for Research and Development of Structures and Construction Materials] (CIDEM), associated with the Universidad Central de Las Villas, located in Santa Clara, Cuba, will provide information on local approaches to bamboo construction, methods of improving the carbon footprint of concrete through the use of organic additives, and to investigate the possibility of future collaborations.