Craib, Raymond : Small Grant, 2015-2016


Raymond Craib (History)

Arts & Sciences
Project Title: 
Exile and Enclosure: Two-day International Conference to be held at Cornell University in May 2016
Project Abstract: 
This international conference intends to address the broad question, “What, if any, is the relationship between enclosure and exile?” While ‘enclosure’ refers to two reinforcing processes associated with passages to modernity: the rise of the territorially-bounded nation-state and the development of global capitalism ‘exile’ has been defined by a number of terms including displacement, colonization, proletarianization, alienation and expulsion. The conference will be followed by a subsequent conference, one year later, at Binghamton University which will help to forge better linkages with Binghamton’s Braudel Center, the Department of Sociology and the Department of History. The Conference will lead to an edited volume.