Brumberger, Eric : Small Grant, 2014-2015


Eric Brumberger (Anesthesiology)

Weill Cornell Medical College
Project Title: 
Partnership with Global Health Initiative
Project Abstract: 
The Department of Anesthesiology at Weill Cornell Medical College has developed an innovative approach to global health education for physicians. This model is unique in that it fuses traditional medical mission-style work with grassroots-level programming to effect change in developing nations. Though the training is in anesthesiology, the faculty believe that all physicians have the ability to influence change in the developing world, and as such, they have designed a program that supersedes medical specialty in favor of creating a globally conscious physician with a deep connection to a universal community of patients. This unique project positions faculty to generate collaborative efforts amongst the many clinical divisions at Weill Cornell Medical College to create a unified approach to international health work.