Brody, Marilyn: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
International Development
Project Title: 
Evaluation of Marine Ecosystem Management Strategies in Southeast Asia
Project Abstract: 
Situated within a globalized system of environmental conservation, this study observes marine ecosystem conservation and management across three diverse socio-economic platforms in the region of Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Select Marine Protected Areas (MPA) from each country will be evaluated to provide a holistic view of the elements that contribute to the “success” or “failure” of marine ecosystem management.  By identifying the roles of major actors in the establishment and management of MPAs including international organizations, government policy-makers, and local communities, a multi-scalar perspective can be constructed. The first objective will be to define the parameters of “successful” ecosystem conservation and management in the context of a globalized conservation effort as well as integrating a localized ecological and economic perspective. This will contribute to the second objective, which is to develop a practical framework from which community-based marine ecosystem conservation and management can be sustainably implemented.