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Aydin, Sena: Travel Grant - 2017-2018

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Anthropology
Project Title: 
Logics of Crisis in Spain: Everyday Economic Struggles and Grassroots Responses to the Neoliberal State
Project Abstract: 
Even though the Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy declared that "the crisis is over" in early summer 2015, ordinary Spaniards argue that the crisis is never over for them. Taking these contradictory approaches to crisis as a point of departure, my dissertation project explores the ways in which ordinary Spaniards understand, experience, and respond to "crisis" based upon ethnographic fieldwork in urban peripheries of Barcelona. While examining the everyday pursuits of livelihood of ordinary people and the value frameworks, complex social relations and grassroots economic practices that underlie them, this project also pays attention to how people interact with neoliberal state policies and governance regimes in order to attend to a nuanced formulation of crisis as a lived social reality. The proposed summer research aims to gain preliminary insights about the formulation and negotiation of state policies by and among state and civic actors concerning people's social and material wellbeing via ethnographic fieldwork in a social services office of Barcelona municipality.