Ajl, Max: Travel Grant - 2016-2017

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Development Sociology
Project Title: 
The Politics of Price Setting: Farmers, Industrialists, the State, and Market-Making in Modern Tunisia
Project Abstract: 
I examine social origins and developmental effects of pricing policies. Work on Tunisia presumes a bias against farmers, transferring social surplus from the countryside to the city, while also highlighting high spending on food subsidies. The proposed research consists of several research questions to be answered through archival, quantitative, and qualitative research in Tunis, Tunisia. I address three questions 1) How is state price setting shaped by the relationship among the groups? And how does the state perceive the groups and their relations? 2) How do the prices chosen shape production? 3) How do the prices chosen affect inclusion, well-being, and development? Who wins and who loses?