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Su Mi Terry talking

Experts spar over North Korea nuclear talks

South Korean ambassador Soo-Hyuck Lee and U.S. intelligence analyst Sue Mi Terry agreed on tactics but disagreed on likely outcomes in a Lund Debate in Statler Auditorium. (Cornell Daily Sun)

Shorna Allred

Shorna Allred receives third annual Engaged Scholar Prize

The Southeast Asia Program faculty member was cited for mentoring students in community-based research, leading global service-learning experiences, and contributing to engaged learning scholarship.

Stiglitz talk from rear

Law and economics initiative takes on big questions at kickoff conference

“Contemporary Challenges in Law, Economics, and Conflic” addressed fundamental problems of equity, fairness, growth, and the ways societies are organized. 

Langwick in profile

Stacey Langwick receives fellowship for work on toxicity and healing

The coordinator of the Einaudi Center’s Qualities of Life Working Group will work on a book called A Politics of Habitability: Plants, Sovereignty, and Healing in a Toxic World.

Language instructors mugging for camera

Southeast Asian Language Week celebrates program success

This celebration showcases the university’s Southeast Asian language course offerings. Faculty and students can engage in conversation hours and taste local cuisine with the Southeast Asia Program.

Berlin Public Housing

Akcan book probes relationship between citizenship and public housing

Esra Akcan, director of the Cornell Institute for European Studies, writes about open architecture, migration, and urban renewal in 1980s Berlin. 

Dissident Bangladeshi writer gives SAP talk April 23

Journalist, essayist, and fiction writer Raad Rahman is a guest of Ithaca City of Asylum. She received death threats for her writing on LGBT issues in Bangladesh. 

Wu Man with band on stage

Video: Wu Man and shadow puppet band rock the house

A Barnes Hall concert by the renowned pipa master and the Huayin Shadow Puppet Band was sponsored by the Cornell Contemporary China Initiative. 

Slayton: Cyber threats call for “technopolitical” solutions

In an essay for the International Security Studies Forum, Rebecca Slayton of the Reppy Institute argues that technical fixes are not enough.

Lawrence Buell

Environmental humanities lecture series begins Apr. 12

Lawrence Buell speaks on “Remembering the Future to Keep It from Happening: Environmental Imagination in the Anthropocene.” The series is cosponsored by the Einaudi Center.

N'Dri Assie-Lumumba

Comparative education symposium seeks papers

The World Council of Comparative Education Societies meets June 21-22 in Johannesburg. Prof. N’Dri T. Assié-Lumumba of Cornell’s Africana Studies and Research Center is WCCES president. 

Ying Hua

Ying Hua appointed director of Cornell China Center

The associate professor of design and environmental analysis is a core faculty member of the East Asia Program. 

Andrew Mertha

Andrew Mertha: China likely seething about North Korea talks

The East Asia Program core faculty member told Business Insider that President Trump forced China’s hand. 

Kim Jong Un Podium

Lund Debate: How should we engage with North Korea?

The next Lund Critical Debate features Soo-Hyuck Lee, who headed South Korea’s delegation to the Six-Party Talks on North Korea, and longtime U.S. intelligence official Sue Mi Terry.

Students with hardhats in South Africa

Students study law and social change in South Africa

The course is taught by Prof. Muna Ndulo, director of the Institute for African Development, and supported by a grant from the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs.

Ruth Messinger

Ruth Messinger connects Judaism with social justice work

The former head of American Jewish World Service and Manhattan borough president spoke as part of the Faith, Hope, and Knowledge series. 

Annelise Riles speaking

Video: Annelise Riles central banking book discussion

The Meridian 180 director and Cornell law professor exchanges views with expert commentators on her forthcoming book on banking, democracy, and “financial citizenship.”

Andrea Restrepo-Mieth - An Afternoon in Juan Bobo

Einaudi Center grants to send 100 graduate students packing

Newly announced grants will support travel to 41 countries for students in more than 40 graduate fields.


Conference to explore monarchy and dictatorship in Asia

Organized by the East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Comparative Muslim Societies Programs, this conference explores the history and current revival of monarchy across Asia.

Student viewing United Nations diorama

UN trip introduces students to complexities of global issues

The annual visit was organized by N’Dri Assié-Lumumba, professor of Africana Studies, and cosponsored by the Einaudi Center.